Family Essentials Starter Pack


Take your entire family on a wellness journey with essential oils. Our Family Essentials Kit features 10 nurturing essential oils and blends thoughtfully curated to help transform your mind, body and home.

DigestZen Essential Oil Blend 5mL will be featured in the Family Essentials Starter Pack in place of ZenGest Essential Oil Blend 5mL. The formulation of these specific oil blends remain the same. We are working on a transition of old artwork and will inform the market when this transition occurs.


By selecting this kit you will receive a login to the doTERRA website to allow you to purchase products at wholesale prices.  There is an annual fee of $25, however you will receive a free oil each time you renew.  Your enrolment fee is waived when you purchase this kit.

Please make sure you put your date of birth in the notes when processing this kit.  This is required to set up your wholesale account and is used as security if you contact doTERRA or order directly from doTERRA via this link